Antwan Davis stomp


Antwan is a multi-percussionist that has Co founded the Las Vegas based performance arts company Molodi, performed with the Las Vegas and North American production of Stomp, and tour nationally with Step Afrika. He is actively performing and teaching workshops and residencies in the U.S and internationally. 

“My passion is people, I love connecting, inspiring, sharing and creating with people.” -Antwan Davis

He has been engaging audiences for 14 years with body percussion and stepping. As a performer, he thrives on breaking down musical and genre barriers through creative, interdisciplinary projects. As an teacher he is enthused by creating community through body music, giving people a different outlet of expression. As an artist, Antwan has expanded his artistic crafts by becoming an improv actor and stand-up comedian. He strives to grow to become a better teacher, performer and person.



International Body Music Festival (IBMF)                 Ghana

IBMF Mini Fest                                                     Oakland, CA

Danse Encore Promo Tour                                     Quebec, CA


1/04 - 1/25       Calliope Dance School Residency      San Francisco, CA

1/24                8x8x8                                            Oakland,   CA

3/07 - 4/07      Cal State Hayward Workshop Series  Hayward,  CA

3/17                WeSing Vocal Festival                     Berkeley, CA

4/09 - 4/18      Berkeley High School Residency       Berkeley, CA

6/06 - 06/10     Danse Encore                                 Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada






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